Want to brighten up your interior with an authentic & contemporary Japanese touch or make a unique and ecological gift ?

Welcome 🪶

As a French artist and calligrapher trained in prestigious art schools across France, Belgium, and Japan, I blend traditional Japanese techniques with a contemporary aesthetic in my original art pieces. With over a decade of experience, I merge Latin and Japanese calligraphy with line drawings, crafting minimalist, monochrome pieces with a focus on eco-friendly materials.

Exhibiting regularly in Japan and France, I also offer calligraphy performances and workshops, including private "Japanese calligraphy introduction" classes. Passionate about letters and NatureI love to see the happiness on the faces of those who adopt my art pieces.


Together, let's bring your imagination to life !

New Collection | KAKEJIKU

Elegantly framed in traditional Japanese hanging scrolls, this collection features nature-inspired works : kanji, Latin calligraphy, animal drawings. They offer both eco-friendly presentation and a touch of timeless sophistication. A high-end touch while honoring the past…

What do I mean by adopting an art piece ?

I like to think of my clients as more than just customers — they're art adopters.

Each piece I create is a work of love, like a birth delivery, filled with passion and meaning. I encourage you to not just "buy" my art, but to adopt it into your life,  and cherish it as a part of your own story.


Let's create a bond that goes beyond mere ownership !

Japanese Media Coverage

Explore a collection of articles from Japanese newspapers that showcase various aspects of my artistic journey since 2017. From interviews about my personal artworks to coverage of my participation in calligraphy contests and collaborations with Kanazawa City, including my residency and appointment as the first artist ambassador of Kanazawa.

Dive into insights about my calligraphy performances and other significant events…

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