Welcome to my Gallery

where every piece has a past and a future, and where perfection is found in the imperfections of Nature

From its creation to its adoption into your life, each of my artworks comes alive in its own way…

…but that's not where the journey ends : as time passes, these pieces age gracefully. The paper may fade, the kakejiku's fabrics may weather, but these changes only add depth and character to the artwork. It's all part of the evolution inspired by the beauty of Nature.


And with my commitment to you, my after-adoption service ensures I'm always here to offer advice and assistance whenever you need it.
I'm dedicated to fostering a lasting connection with you and your adopted piece.

What do I mean by adopting an art piece ?

I like to think of my clients as more than just customers — they're art adopters.

Each piece I create is a work of love, like a birth delivery, filled with passion and meaning. I encourage you to not just "buy" my art, but to adopt it into your life,  and cherish it as a part of your own story.


Let's create a bond that goes beyond mere ownership !

Interested ?

If you're interested in an art piece in particular, please take note of its name and contact me through this form for more informations.